Jackpot Rules OLD

The Jackpot rules are set by the PPPoker app. The payouts depend on the stakes being played and are a percentage of the total jackpot amount. Jackpots are not available in tournaments, only cash games.

How is the jackpot funded? One Big Blind from every pot that is Twenty Big Blinds or more is added to the jackpot.

StakesQuads(%)Straight Flush(%)Royal Flush(%)
Payouts are a percentage of total jackpot. Example: Jackpot is at 3000 pp chips. A player who hits quads will win 0.3% of the total jackpot – $9.00

When players hit quads, a straight flush or a royal flush, they will be awarded the high hand payout (per table above), which is paid automatically by the app. Both of your hole cards must be in play for a high hand to count (eg. Player must have a pocket pair to be awarded the Quads high hand jackpot)

Jackpots are disabled for the Friday night 30c/60c.